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The classification of automotive plastic mold

Of vehicle body stampings broadly divided into panels, beams, parts and general stampings. Able to image features clearly indicated that car is the automotive panel stamping. Classification of automotive plastic mold many ways, in accordance with the method of molding plastic parts can be divided into different categories:
     Compression mode: compression mode, also known as mold or adhesive mode suppression. This mold is characterized by the molding process the plastic material directly added to the open mold cavity, then close the mold, the plastic under heat and pressure in the molten state was after the cavity filled with a certain pressure. At this point, the molecular structure of plastics chemical cross-linking reaction, and gradually harden stereotypes. Compression mode used for thermosetting plastics, the molding of plastic parts for the electrical switches are mostly shell and daily necessities.
     Extrusion die: also known as extrusion die extrusion die. This section of the mold can be the same shape as the continuous production of plastic, such as plastic pipe, bar, sheet and so on. Extruder heat and pressure of the device and the device the same injection machine. Molten plastic through the nose to form a continuous molded plastic parts, especially high production efficiency.
     Injection Mould: injection mold, also known as injection molding. This mold is characterized by the forming process will be placed in the injection machine plastic raw materials, heating the barrel. Heated molten plastic in injection molding machine screw or plunger driven by the nozzle and the casting mold system into the mold cavity, the plastic in the mold cavity by heat, pressure, cooling, curing. As heat and pressure devices can play a role in phases, not only molding injection molding of plastic parts of complex shape and high efficiency, good quality. Therefore, in the plastic injection molding parts account for a large proportion of molding, plastic mold injection mold accounted for more than half. Machine is mainly used for thermoplastic injection molding, in recent years have gradually molding for thermosetting plastics.

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