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Plastic mould manufacturing standardization requirements 30

To improve mold quality grades, the quality of the mold to minimize complaints, customer satisfaction over the mold, the mold frequently asked questions sum up, summarize, and the establishment of standards, the required implementation.
    1 less than the 2020 model embryo, a, b needs to be done between the skid plate mode pits; greater than the 2020 model embryo, including all templates have to do to pry between the thimble plate mode pits.

    (2) mold base guide pin guide sleeve to be machined exhaust ducts to prevent the guide pin guide sleeve strain.

    3. Shall not have sharp corners on the mold, you need chamfered. Except where specifically identified.

    4 within the mold and mold parts without consent shall not welding.

    5 Die peripheral products must be in place to open exhaust ducts, exhaust ducts, mold design specifications please refer to manual.

    6. As far as possible avoid the use of grinding on the grinding machine in the mold, if you must use the grinding machining, oil stone province must be light (in particular sub-surface)

    7 die within the plane of the surface treatment of plastic must be in accordance with bom table, or other formal notification of the technical requirements for implementation. Non-rubber-plane processing lines (wire cutting, milling machine, cnc gong bed, sparks machine) but also light oil stone province.

    8, all within the mold material, mold base level requirements must be based on orders, or formal design review process to confirm the technical requirements for procurement. Must provide material evidence, if it is hard mode, you must provide heat treatment reports. All relevant evidence.

    9. All around the mold within the mold, inserts, line position, slant, straight top (push block), chicken, etc. need to shovel in the bottom or back side processing of a circular pit-bit, and the hardness of the material were carved out.

    10-line bit, push blocks, shoveling chicken, Sprue and other important parts must be easy to wear nitride hardening process.

    11 line bit must be positioned. Positioning a slingshot, wave beads, hasco (dme) standard line-bit folder, and so on, according to the specific needs of each project's requirements. Line position requires layering, wear plate. Layering, wear plate must wear a hard material, need to add tank.

    12 row helical guide pin must be pressed, and can not turn loose. Angle pin the tail must be processed into hemispherical or truncated cone shape, helping to ensure line-bit normal movement. There are two bits on the same line or column of two or more bevel, bevel column length, size and inclination must be the same.

    13. Slant seat must wear a hard material. Slant must processing tank, the lifter seat general use 2510 or cr12 Hard to hrc40-45 degrees, because the lifter seat by the impact load, it is not too hard otherwise it will break, and the location of all right-angle corner chamfer c . Need-oriented slant board (bronze). Not welding.

    14 flow channel and into the plastic bits the provincial light # 400-600.

    15. Thimble, Division tube, shut thimble, thimble plate to be engraved with the lifter and the corresponding identification code, easy to install. If the product, not a horizontal position thimble, thimble seat needs to be made "d" type or the use of anti-resale key position.

    16. Thimble using hasco or dme standards, choice of which depends on the bom tables or other formal notification of the technical requirements of the mold.

    17 processing carrying water apron ("o" ring) groove, you need to set aside the unilateral 0.25mm gap, general rubber ring to preload 0.5 ~ 0.8mm. If you do not attach importance to this, pressure can easily be damaged apron out, causing leaks.

    18. Sprue to nitrogen, to do just resellers. Sprue radius must comply with the requirements of the drawings. Sprue not nitrogen, to go before the mold may have been injured.

    19 General layout of the structure must hold the first mold, both ends need to grind, and a small module preloading 0.1mm, a large-scale pre-press 0.1mm-0.15mm ..

    20. Positioning ring diameter must be consistent with drawings, joint form and position of the top clubs must comply with the drawings.

    21 Tap the specifications according to the recognized mode bom table or graph, tap Counterbore processing must follow the model diagram and installation. Partial drill holes shall not, acute need to chamfer.

    22. Carrying water must be marked with ini, outi, in2, out2 ... ... ... ..

    23 all play on the word mark in the mold must be neat, correct, not contorted.

    24. Four sides of the mold need to install the side lock (lock body straight). If you can not install the side locks, taper locks need to be installed, or cone lock. Taper lock to be installed sideways.

    25 All screws and accessories are subject to the preferred standard mold parts, head of the screw can not be amputated. Screw length must be sufficient to effectively lock into the normal 1.5 or 2.

    26 hot mouth duct must be round, so as not to scratch the wire.

    27. The hot mouth id card installed in the mold panel side.

    28 die transfer and acceptance: the need for engineers with the mold according to "Die Checklist" acceptance to play by packing away mode.

    29. Shift mode of operation before the need to test the water pressure (100pa above) acceptance transport water, needed a clean wind blowing the water gun.

    30. The outer surface of mold base in the manufacturing process, the need to pay attention to maintenance to prevent rust, scratches. Go die before packaging, the internal model need to spray on the white / colorless or rust, all the mold surface must be clean, and then marked with butter.

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