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Precision plastic mould

Now China has the production mould for the B grade and below-grade cars and other passenger cars and commercial vehicles, such as supporting a full set of car for the electronics industry, supporting the accuracy of up to 2m, the life of more than 200 million times the precision high-speed multi-position progressivemould, mould weighing over one hundred tons in a single set of giant mould, up to 6 meters of large multi-station progressive die, the light guide plate mould, disc mould biochip mould and so many high levels of mould. Production of multi-station progressive die in 2000 beats / min high-speed punching accuracy of up to 1m. In large plastic mould, the country is capable of producing 43 inches large screen color TV and 65-inch rear-projection TVs moulded case mould, car bumper and the whole dashboard and other plastic mould. In terms of precision plastic mould, the country is capable of producing camera and mobile phone plastic moulds, multi-cavity small modulus gear moulds and precision of 5m 7800 cavity plastic mould.

Accompanied by the development of manufacturing, product miniaturization of components and precision requirements increase, the requirements of the mould machining accuracy. Some mould machining accuracy of less than 1m, which requires the development of super finishing. Precision machining to micron-level precision machining used in automobiles, aircraft, precision machinery; for the disk, drum manufacturing sub-micron (0.01m); for ultra-precision electronic devices, nanometer-level precision machining (0.001m).

Moulding parts high productivity requirements of the increasingly large parts of a multi-cavity mould, a few tons to hundreds of tons of mould is very common, a mould cavity a few hundred or even thousands of cavity. Thus requiring machine work surface can withstand the weight, which requires the device must have a large load-bearing and high-rigidity properties, must also have a large enough table size and the working stroke the corresponding. In addition, the mould cavity is mostly posed by the complex space of six surface and grooves, and many of the mould with a deep cavity, which requires a machine with multi-axis and a deep cavity cutting ability in order to achieve the 3D surface processing of high-precision, high-speed and high stability.

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